Paraffin Wax- Fully Refined (NRL)


Make Beautiful candles (Jar or Pillar ) with Namo Creations Fully Refined Paraffin Wax, Make- NRL

NRL make is one of the highest grade of paraffin wax available in India

High Grade wax. Natural White color. Most Suitable for stand alone candles-Like Pillar Candles.

Can be used in Jar or Container Candles after mixing with any soft wax- Soy, Bees, Microcrystalline etc..



Melting Point 60 to 75 Degree Celcius.

Fragrance adding temp range = 75 to 85 degree celcius.

Note- Images are for full Slab of weight  5 KG. you will get may get broken form for less quantity and as well as for ease of Packing.

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