Why Should I Light a Candle ?

Why should I light a Candle.......

Few questions arise in our mind when someone asks us to burn the candle-

Why Should I burn Candles?

How it will benefit me?

Are Scented Candles costly stuff?

So in this blog, we will simply give you answers to these simple questions in a detailed way.

Candles are supposed to burn for thousands of years. Earlier they were complicated but now these days these are simply wax that will burn with the help of the thread surrounded by this wax. When we add some fragrance to that wax it becomes scented candles.

Before answering the questions we must like to aware you of different types of candle waxes available in the market. You have to choose from the list what quality and benefits you want. It’s a personal choice of the buyer according to its will and budget. This will help you in the selection of candles as per your need.

Some Waxes types used in candles are: –

  1. Soy Wax
  2. Paraffin wax
  3. Beeswax
  4. Other waxes- like Palm, Coconut, and vegetable wax

Now explaining each wax in detail one by one.


Soy wax

Next category is Soy wax. It is a natural and renewable source. It is made from the hydrogenated process of soya oil. It is one of the best wax available in the market. Being natural it will not release any harmful and toxic gases as paraffin do. Soy wax is creamy and soft. It has more burning time. Most of the countries use soy wax as an alternative to Paraffin wax

Those who care environment prefer soy wax candles. Though it is free from hydrocarbons it will keep your home air chemical-free. For those who want vegan-free wax, then this is the best available option. Due to this quality, this wax is costly than paraffin.


Paraffin wax

This is the most widely and commonly used wax in the world. It is derived from Petroleum, so it contains Hydrocarbons. Though a candle is very small and wax burned by a single candle will not emit so much hydrocarbon in the atmosphere but in totality, it will not so good for the environment.

Some sellers made candles in low-grade, semi-refined wax that contain more hydrocarbon that is not considered good for human health. So we always recommend you to buy from genuine sources.



          Next in this category is Beeswax. It is derived from a bee’s hive. It is one of the oldest wax available and used in the candle industry. The best part of this wax is it is completely Natural, It naturally purifies the air by releasing negative ions that bind with toxic chemicals present in the air and get them to neutralize. Even non-scented candles tend to remove bad odour from the air. This is one of the costliest waxes available. 

           Other waxes are available in the market like coconut wax that is derived from coconut. It is natural and very soft that why does it need some other wax to the club with to make candles. Palm Wax is derived from palm wax and is the best alternative to paraffin wax, vegetable wax is derived from vegetable pulp oil and is the lowest in quality.

Benefits of Candle lightning

So, We have given you the detail of all the waxes above, now it’s completely up to you, what quality you want to burn. Always ask your candle seller which wax the candle is made and choose the right wax for your family and loved ones.

Now the question is why should I burn candles? The answer is hidden in the fact that where candles are used and what are their benefits.

  • Candles are used for lighting purposes. This is the answer most of us know.
  • Candles burning gives prosperity.
  • It brings positivity by eliminating negativity.
  • Scented candles are used in Aromatherapy. Different fragrances have different health benefits and can be selected accordingly.
  • Scented candles act as a mood changer
  • Scented candles help you in remembering memories
  • It brings joy to our life.
  • It also helps in increasing focus and concentration.
  • Seeing the flame of candles gives a calming effect and makes you stress-free.
  • Burning beeswax candles can purify the air naturally by releasing negative ion that binds with toxic chemicals and neutralizing them.
  • It helps you in better sleep. How? Blue light emitted from the screen makes you stressed by decreasing magnesium levels. So seeing the yellow light of the candle automatically relax your eyes and brain
  • It is used in decoration and celebration at any function and party.
  • Now these days’ candles are used widely for gifting purposes.

Are scented candles are costly stuff????

One answer is yes and the other is no. will explain ….

The cost of a Scented candle depends upon the wax used and the fragrance used in making these candles. We have told you the types of wax used in candle industries. Some are affordable but some are costly. Similarly, fragrances cost also depend on the ingredients used in making these fragrances. Fragrances available in the market are either derived from natural ingredients or made synthetically. So naturally derived fragrances are costly than a synthetic one. We recommend you to used natural candles due to their more health benefits.

How much does a candle cost?


Scented and good candles are not just melting wax, mixing fragrances, and solidifying it. It is an art. A good candle is the raw material used and the artwork done by a chandelier. A chandelier made it with a passion for delivering its best to born a good quality candle for its client. It also needs curing for several days to emit high-quality fragrance in it.

When we make food, we prefer vegetables to be organic, species to be adulteration-free. Different heat settings according to recipe requirements. All these factors result in good and tasty food. Such food is also beneficial for our health. So a good candle used natural ingredients in the form of wax and fragrances. It is made with hygiene and considers the best temperature setting according to its demand. Organic candles are as important as good food. As fragrances enter our body via the nose and mix in our bloodstreams directly.


Let us explain with an example for candle cost. The burn time of a 100-gram soy candle is approx. 30 hours, and if a 100-gram soy candle costs you 120 Rs Then your burning cost will be around just 4 Rs. If you are taking aromatherapy, then this is so affordable. So it’s not costly stuff at all.

In developed countries burning candles are a necessity. As they are very well aware of all the benefits of burning candles. When you came back from work, just sit in a dark room, lit a scented candle as per your choice, and take this aromatherapy. Believe me, doing this for just 30 minutes helps me in personally getting again energetic to do lots of stuffs. I can then append quality time with family and friends.


We must suggest you introduce candle burring practice in life end see the positive changes.


Thanks to all for reading this. If you have any questions related to this topic and if you want details on any other topic related to candles, then please feel free to send a mail at feedback@namocreations.com.

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